Tips For Properly Staging Your Home

Tips For Properly Staging Your Home

Do you stage your home for sale or not? It’s a big decision. It is thought that a properly staged home will sell faster than one that is not staged. This is typically true. However, with the Las Vegas market being hot, hot, hot, it might not be an issue. Here are some tips from Carolyn Muse Grant, Design Consultant and Creator of Beautiful Spaces on how to properly stage your home.


1.Remove Personal Items 

“When people look for a home, the last thing they wish to see inside or out is all of the personal items of the owner. Rather, when they see the house, they can envision themselves and their personal things in it. Viewing other people’s things is not the answer.”


2. Clear Off Your Kitchen Counters

“All of us have tons of stuff on our kitchen counters. Please, try to put them away or pack them up. Food, of course, can openers, coffee makers or any other small appliance that you use occasionally.”


3. Remove All Daily Toiletries From Bathrooms

“Bathrooms are the same. Remove all of your daily ritual things — nobody wants to see them. Clean counters and clean towels. Make sure sink, tub and commode are spotless and, if you have a bath rug, make sure it’s clean, too.”


4. Make Living Rooms/ Dens Inviting

“Your seating areas in dens or living rooms should be inviting not offensive. A potential buyer needs to see if their furniture would look good in the space.”


5. Declutter the Bedrooms

“Bedrooms are critical to many buyers. This is a good reason to pack up your personal photos, collections, jewelry or anything very personal. Potential buyers want to see how they could arrange the furniture and if the room is big enough for a couple or a child or for guests. So each bedroom takes on a different appeal. Just be sure the rooms are clean. If a bedroom is crowded because of seating, extra chests or cabinets, take them out.”


6. Do a Thorough Cleaning

“These are basics to getting a house staged to sell. Uncluttered. Clean. Appealing. Even if you don’t use a housekeeper or cleaner, this might be a time to invest and have someone come for a thorough cleaning. Be sure the windows are spotless and that curtains or linens are clean, also.”


If you need to stage your home, keep this tips in mind. Not only will they make your home show better, they can help it sell faster. If you are thinking about buying or selling your home, contact Luxury Home Source at 702-720-5850.



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