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Are you a luxury real estate professional looking for more exposure? Luxury Home Source is looking for established real estate professionals to contribute articles targeting the luxury home market. Calling all appraisers, mortgage professionals, luxury home builders, home insurance specialists, and other real estate professionals.If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, or writing for Luxury Home Source, please continue reading and we’ll explain what we are looking for, and how the process works.

Why Guest Blogging?

When done properly, guest blogging is a great way to expand your target audience and spread your ideas. The main reason that you should consider guest blogging is: Guest Blogging is a great opportunity to share your wisdom with others, establish or expand your credibility as an expert in your field, all while reaching out to new clients.  Guest blogging for Luxury Home Source provides some unique benefits, however, including:

  • Get Your Thoughts in Front of Thousands of Home Buyers, Sellers, and REALTORS©
  • Enhance Your Company’s Reputation
  • Networking
  • More Traffic to Your Real Estate Related Website
  • And of Course, More Business From our Team of Realtors©

Topics We Cover

Luxury Home Source is quite specific as to what content we’ll publish. We’re looking for Here is a list of some of topics we cover:

  • Buying a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • Home Finance
  • Investment Properties
  • Luxury Home Rentals
  • Luxury Home Construction
  • Real Estate Technology

As you can see, the topics are quite broad, and present plenty of opportunity to write about any of the issues in your chosen profession.

What We Expect From You

We take things quite seriously, around here, and so should you. We only have a limited number of contributor spots available for each real estate service profession, and we’re looking for the best of the best! We expect our contributors to:

  • Write at least one topical, ORIGINAL, thought-provoking and engaging post per month. Content must be original, meaning it can not have been previously published on the Internet before, or after it is published on Luxury Home Source
  • Be Active on Social Media
  • Help Promote Your Content
  • Respond to Comments and Questions on Your Posts
  • Make Some Money and Meet New Friends

What You Can Expect From Us

As you can see, writing for us is not that hard if you are and established professional in your industry. All you have to do is share your knowledge. Best of all, we’re here to help. You can expect Luxury Home Source to:

  • Help Promote Your Content Through Social Media
  • Promote Your Content Through Paid Traffic Sources
  • Help You Through the Process. We will provide you with article ideas through our editorial calendar. Our editor will provide assistance with articles as well. Please do not be offended if we suggest edits to your story. We know our readers, and we know what works.
  • Provide Referrals and Opportunities For Business Through Our Team of REALTORS©
  • Fully Credit You as an Author With Links to Your Social Profiles and/or Website


Quality Guidelines

Real estate is oftentimes a complex and confusing subject. We are looking for posts that inform and give value to our readers, by simplifying complex subject matter and explaining details in an easy to understand, conversational tone. Here is the ultimate guideline:“All content must be ORIGINAL, and written by you! It must be specifically written for Luxury Home Source, and no one else can claim authorship.”

How To Submit A Guest Post

If you are ready to expand your business, and enhance your credibility in the luxury real estate market, just start by filling out the form.